Wintertrui 2014: one sleeve and one not so sleeve

I finished one sleeve. Kitchenered the cuff on it. When I encountered the knot in the middle of the yarn I thought the sleeve might be just long enough.

I picked up stitches on the other shoulder and started shortrowing my way down. But something didn’t sit right.

Looking at it flat it shows: the shoulder has a bulge. Nice if it’s right on the shoulder. Not so nice when it’s halfway your upper arm.

It’s caused because I knitted the top 7 stitches twice before short rowing. And I added two stitches because the whole sleeve needs two more stitches than the stitches I’m picking up.
I thought: why not put them in the top?
Well, now I know. Why not.

frog frog. Better start a new sleeve.


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