Weird Wool Wednesday: 2014 having the last laugh

I had noticed it on the pictures I took when I was wearing the vest that the top is not even. New pictures confirm: the blue sits higher on my left shoulder than my right. The white is higher on the side too. Weirdly higher:

No idea how this came about. The short rows in the blue are situated in the same stitch both on the left and the right. The white part is the same on the left and the right. The rest is knitted top down, with the same amount of rows left and right.
I really have no idea why my cardigan is wonky.

But I can fix it a bit, yes, I found a solution. I fixed it and then I tugged a bit at it and now it’s better. This solution insures that the white shrug part now sits more level. There’s still a slight difference in the blue part but the white sits level now. Yes, this is acceptable!

Why the weird expression then?


I’m having a weird look on my face because this is the solution I came up with:

2015: the year I’m the lady with the wonky blue bulge near the face? Or the year that I’m that lady that cannot button up her cardigan?
choices choices


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