Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Today is a day for rest. I’m making soup. And I’m going to design the feature for my Deco Cardigan.

But somehow all kinds of other wool things happen today. Unplanned wool things.

It started with two skeins Wollmeise that came up for adoption yesterday and I willingly took home with me. They make such a great combination!

They are Wollmeise Twin Spinaci and Twin Zarte Knopse. Pictures are from the Wollmeise website because these colours are non-fotographable.
(If I had to describe them I’d say it in -rude- Dutch: “doodgekookte diepvriesspinazie” en “aspergepis” ūüėČ ) A marvellous combination!

Last evening, last night and this morning was spend looking at multicoloured shawls and thinking up elements I certainly want in mine.

Here are the shawls that each have an element I want to incorporate:

Catkin Shawl by Carina Spencer, with those great catkins, is the main inspiration. Have a (link) look at how they are used in this sweater by Pattepoilue!

Cindy Garland did all kinds of clever design things in her Summer Travels shawl.¬†There’s the shape¬†of the slipped stitches and how they travel into the solid coloured areas. The use of solid coloured areas. With beads. Ooh and Aah! Well done. If I didn’t insisted on some sort of “buds” or “leave” shape in my shawl I would have knitted Summer Travels. Oh, and I want a cowl or high neck of some sort, for warmth. But otherwise I would have knitted this pattern.

Cypri by Amanda Scheuzger also has traveling stitches and uses solid coloured blocks with striped sections. And shawl Family Tree by Fiddle Knits sits high in the neck and uses colour blocks and different directions. And has a fun stitch to enliven a coloured stripe.

Then there’s¬†Corrina Ferguson¬†who does something great with stripes and elongated stitches in her blue and green shawl Belliese. (I call this stitch butterflies but that’s not the right name)

The cable goodness from Golden Dreams Scarf by¬†Katya Wilsher has been a favourite of mine for a long time now. Perhaps combined with corrugated ribbing? Such as¬†shown in Nightshade in Amber shawl by¬†Lynette Meek. Or it could be brioche! There’s still Frost on Leaves, by Midori Hirose¬†on my mind…

and then¬†Sprig sweater by Alana Dakos, the sweater I’m currently spinning the green eco-sheep for but which sideswept leaf-detail would be marvellous in stripes and slipped stitches.

So there we are. Me pouring over shawls, petting yarn. Not designing that thing for Deco Cardigan. Mainly because I cannot find checkered paper in this house, you see.

I also unexpectedly spun 50 grams of this freshly coloured BFL and would love to spin the other half too. Preferably now so that I can ply it right after and soak it in the hot water that will be left from cooling the chicken soup later this evening (but I might just wash some socks in it. Spinning and plying takes hours):

And then, when I had my noon rest on the couch, I found myself weaving in ends. We’re all shocked!

A year after finishing the Karma blanket it seemed like a good time to do so. The blanket has “matured” enough, I say.

Or maybe not:

Well. I’ll go and have a second look for checkered paper.


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