Weird Wool Wednesday: sewing with felt

Once upon a time I married in a felt dress.
It was about ten years ago and I bought the dress in a small couture shop in Norway, before I even knew how to “wool” myself. It was white with a salmon pinkish bodice:


Today I’m attaching a new bodice to it because in all those years I’ve never been able to breathe comfortably and it had also exactly the wrong shade of red.

I took a piece of prefelt and threw into the washer for 30 minutes. It’s the piece of the try-out from the wet felted throw for the city. It was never properly felted and I could just pick off the bits of yellow and blue wool and silk. There’s still some colour left which is now thoroughly felted into the wool but I’ll be dyeing this dress afterwards so that’s no problem.
I cut out pattern pieces of a bodice pattern that’s tailor made to my size. I like to breathe.

Now I’m sewing it onto the existing skirt.

On the left is the existing skirt… made by somebody who did not understand wool…

The skirt’s prefelt fabric has not been properly felted. I had noticed this because it pills terrible. Because the fabric was falling apart it has been treated with iron on Vliesofix/Vlieseline on the wrong side. But it’s not everywhere. It’s not at the top, where the bodice is supposed to be attached. (will solve that problem later)

And the seams of the skirt…. they have been overlocked. Because felt frays so terribly, don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: sewing with felt

    • dankjewel, het was spelen met wol of …. kruiswoordpuzzels. Internetspelletjes? Oh, of ik had televisie-soaps kunnen gaan kijken!
      ach ach, het leven dat ik misgelopen ben 😉

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