Preparing for Tea in Style

In my city an old bakery was bought by somebody with a young mind and he has transformed it into a delicacy bakery and tea parlour: Bakkerij Royal.

Next week me and a couple of knitters will be visiting and we’ll have High Tea there and we will be knitting a tea cosy for a couple of their teapots. They have all kinds of different pots and cups so every customer can choose the set matching her mood. This is exactly how I drink my tea at home!

I have several pots, lots of different cups and plates, to suit every mood. Because sometimes you want “snuggly” and other times you want “Spring”. Some days you feel more like “Urban Chique” or you want to “Celebrating the ’50s”. And often I just want “the Goofy Owl mug”. So I really like this idea of offering all kinds of different tea pots and cups to costumers. And now they like to offer different tea cosies too. I love how they embrace the knitters that provide tea cosies.

Yes, I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve already started researching tea cosies. And I’ve been in the stash, looking for wool. I found some! Since one afternoon is too short to knit a tea cosy I plan to start early. In fact, I’ve cast on today.

There are many tea cosies that tickle my fancy but this one is what I have in mind for next week: Cinnamon Tea Cosy by Elizabeth Sullivan. In brioche which is a stitch I can do with my aching shoulder and the nice thing is it’s reversible. Two moods in one item!

Great as this particular design is I’m not buying it. It’s just an example to show you what’s possible. I’m doing my own thing. My gauge is different and I want different decreases. But I do find the overall look and some sort of detail on top adorable.

Here’s what I knit in today:

It’s a cast on of only 44 st, on needle 4 mm. The orange is handspun and the brown is alpaca. This is one soft tea cosy! (I hope they never wash it too harshly or they’ll end up with a mug cosy. Should I warn them?)

I started in the round, knitting my Double Dutch technique and I’ve separated for the snout and handle. I’m currently knitting one side of the cosy, paying attention to a nice edge. Once it’s high enough I’ll attach yarns at the other side and work that side up before joining in the round again and decreasing for the top. This will be a high cosy since I noticed Bakkerij Royal also has some higher, more coffee pot like, tea pots to chose from.

This is a bit of a muted tea cosy. Not very shouty. It will go well with a “Nature” mood I think. Or “Urban Chique” where the focus is on your companion, not on the tea tools you have on the table between you.

I have selected other wools for a second tea cosy. These are more “In Your Face”. Fancy yarns with glitter and texture. Big enough so that I can hopefully make a tea cosy in just one afternoon, while we are there. That way I can tailor it precisely to one of the pots. That’s always an issue with tea cosies: how big, how wide, how high.

I chose yarns that are interesting and bulky. I’m bringing my crochet hook because that technique goes fast. But I’m not sure yet I’m able to crochet. My shoulder is playing up more and more nowadays. But if I can’t crochet on the day itself I’m sure I can switch to knitting Brioche and persuade them to allow me to finish the cosy at home and bring it to them later. They are very friendly!

Since tea cosies are basically hats for tea pots I want to mention this hat especially: it’s a brand new design, not even for sale yet, it’s still in it’s test knit phase. It’s Padova Hat by Solène Le Roux:

This hat is knit upwards and I love how the ribbing goes into leaves which then go into cables. And a pompom is always good! I’ve volunteered to test knit it and I came across the perfect yarn for it, my red Llamacryl yarn:

It’s a yarn brought back as a souvenir from Argentina by my parents and it’s some of the weirdest yarn I ever saw!  It’s a cabled yarn with the distinct gleam and handle of acryl. But there’s a halo of soft white fluff, this must be the Llama. It’s super soft.

I dream of making this hat in this yarn. Then cutting a slit in it for snout and handle and sewing the cut edges secure. A pompom on my tea pot, that would be great!

(Since it’s knit on big needles, size 6 mm, and it doesn’t have to be finished quickly, I’m confident I can knit this hat with my busted shoulder. It’s the endless stockinette from Deco Cardi that’s doing me in. And I don’t have high hopes for the Wollmeise shawl I designed either. Although I did wind the yarn into balls. Such great colours!)

Ahhh…. tea and cake. Hey, they have cake with a black berry pompom:


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