Accidental handspun cowl ‘n mitts

I’m working on tea cosies and Deco Cardi and felt dress and other things but somehow also this happened:

A cowl/neckwarmer and two mitts. The mitts in my head are called: “tulips” for the wrist and for the part of the hand that rests on the computer keyboard. They are often in my line of sight so they need to look nice.

Knit in Brioche stitch on needles 4,5 mm. I used 157 m of aran weight yarn.

The yarn I spun myself, last October, on that annual Spinners’ Retreat. The roving is handdyed by Wolop and was bought at the annual Day of Wool & Fibres. Back then the roving reminded me of sun on snow and I wanted it dearly, even though I’m no fan of pastels or of roving with lots of white in it. But the pastels that could come from this roving… these would make me happy, I knew. I love the sun on snow, especially on a small contained scale (just your backyard, just a snow drop peaking through, just a snowflake in a macro photo. Small scale and smaller scale.)

But when I spun it it was glorious weather. We were walking barefoot in the grass.

It’s soft BFL wool. And ever since I spun it I’ve been thinking what to do with it.

The last few days my neck was cold and my aching shoulder prefers my knitting to be Brioche (why does that not hurt? Am I slower? More relaxed? I enjoy it a lot, the moment of knitting, I’m not thinking so much of the end product as I am when knitting stockinette stitch. Perhaps it’s that.).

And it’s January. The sun has become a little more bright than a few weeks back. Snow is a possibility. The skies are swept clear by winds. The land lays bare and I can look all the way to the horizon. All this makes me think of snow and mountains and little streams flowing under ice and caves with sparkling ice

I was rummaging through the stash in search of thickish yarn to make tea cosies from. And all of the above was going through my head and then I came across that beautiful skein if sunlit snowflake BFL …. so I yanked the 4,5 mm circular out of the Deco Cardigan and just started knitting. In that Double Dutch Brioche technique I unvented. I knit from both the outside and the inside of the ball and I weighed the yarn carefully when I was making the mitts, so they both would be about the same size. I started with the cowl though, estimating the amount of stitches I had to cast on.

This is how I thought: well, it’s basically akin to ribbing. So I’ll just do the thing I do for ribbing which is circumference x gauge – 10%.

Because I’m knitting with aran weight and my 4,5 mm needles so much I knew the gauge pretty well. (14 st/10 cm). For the cowl I cast on 4 x 14 = 56 – 5 = 50 (I needed it to be even). The cowl is worked top down and I increases + 8 once and + 16 on the second time.

For the mitts I cast on 20 st. (15 cm x 14 st = 21 – 1 = 20 st) and increases 4 once and then 8.

Ahh, so happy with this!

The colours, the softness, the brioche squishyness, the warmth. Yes, a fine in between project that gives fast results that are functional.

(note to self: I need to buy more 4,5 mm Red Lace circulars. It’s services both my default spinning thickness and all the Irish aran that keeps appearing in my house. One is just not enough.)(also: buy some more erasers. They keep disappearing.)


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