A nice pompom on Padova Hat

I finished Padova Hat. It doesn’t fit so well because there’s one row of back to back cables (4×4) that draws in so much that it doesn’t stretch over my head any more.
But not to worry. This was a testknit so this kind of information is important for the designer.

As a bonis I learned to make glorious pompoms and I’m going to show you how I did it.

I took the carton that’s in a roll of toilet paper and wrapped yarn around it. Lots and lots of yarn! Almost as much yarn as the hat weighs.
Then I dropped a separate piece of yarn through the carton roll, I pushed the yarn from the carton and tied a really tight knot in the piece of string. (On the right is the first pompom I made using this method, it’s the tea cosy)

It’s really a lot of yarn, 32 grams. The rest of the hat weighs about 38 grams.

Then I started to cut all the loops:

This results in a loopy droopy pompom:

Before I made this one I made another one. Or tried to. It used only 20 grams before trimming. You see how floppy it is. This will not become a nice pompom. Not unless I trim it to the size of a marble…
Here it is, on the scale. Next to the one that weighs 32 grams:

I took the heavier droopompom and started trimming. *snipsnipsnipsnipsnip* Apparently, you trim A LOT. A third of the weight I had to cut away to get this pompom, only 24 grams left from the 32 I started with.

But how nice it is! All firm and squishy and round.

Put it on the hat! Glory!


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