Finding my way to the brim of Frileuse Brioche Hat

Yesterday I had thought up a nice detail for the hat: a row of leaves all ending at the same row. Progressing into a brim in reversed double coloured Brioche stitch.

Changing the pace of the colours would make a nice ending to a leave and if I were to wear the hat with the brim turned up it would show the same colours as the cap.
So I spend all day knitting this:

At the bottom the leaves all end at the same row and their tips flow into a column of white knit stitches. The blue is now the purl column.

But this idea had altered the shape of the hat in a negative way. It was now weird and bulky at the leaves and they didn’t show up too well because they had so much ease.
Below the leaves it turned out that the brim would be too tight. (I had not increases to enough stitches at the crown.)

So: ripripripriprip

away with all those hours and hours of knitting! All episodes of Father Brown and Homeland Security that we’d watched on the couch in the cabin, covered in wool and cats, to celebrate our weekend. All gone.

(which is just as well because Homeland Security really is a dreadful series. It’s badly written, it’s full of cheap emotional tv drama and generalizing oversimplifying bwurk.
If you want to read an intelligent view on violence in name of Islam I applaud this Reddit poster who is an Arab Muslim himself and really went out on a limb to give some context to us, people who come from countries whose history is saturated with Christianity. His post gave me lots to think about. I think it’s actually the high light of this month to me.)

The hat I ripped back to the part were I could change two prongs of a leave into an increase.

So today I spend knitting it better. Hours and hours. Various pisodes of Elementary and Longmire saw me increasing, inserting new leaves in prongs of previous leaves, trying it on, guessing its circumference.

And this is where I am now, not quite as far as where I was yesterday evening but with more stitches on the needles:

I’ve already finished up some of the leaves and am gradually introducing that idea of changing the colours so the brim will have opposite colours. It’s quite fiddly, two colour Brioche that changes colours every now and then. But I’ve found a rythm.

To conclude this post I want to show (off) how I close a leave.
Normally in this Brioche each blue stitch has a white yarn over wrapped around it. Where I to knit three stitches together in a regular way those white YO would show in the resulting stitch.

But now I rearrange the 5 yarn loops on my needle that make up for three stitches in a way that the two blue loops will show up at the front and the three white ones at the back.

I’ve done so in both the leaves where the blue line continues and in the leaves where the leaves “stop” and the gathering stitch is a white one.
Here’s a close up of both such leaves:


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