Finished: Brioche Hat

I’m really pleased how the brim turned out. With the changing of the colours.

The only thing is that with all the brioche going on I forgot to do the shaping to make it into a Frileuse hat. Now it’s just a straight forward hat.

But with a nice random pattern on it, reminiscent of patterns in nature.

It took 50 grams of sock weight on needles 2,75 mm.
Because I worked Double Dutch technique with the white as the “trailing” yarn it took 30 grams of white and only 20 grams of the sparkling blue.
The yarn on my right finger takes 50% more length than the one on my left finger. This is because the one on the left never does a yarn over, it just gets picked up. It’s the other one that moves back and forth and over the needle all the time.

Bind off was a Kitcheners stitch on Brioche stitch. I did it on one needle because I live dangerously. Take about 3 times the length of the row before cutting the yarn and threading it on a needle. I choose to bind off with the white yarn so the blue lines reside more.

I’ll be making a matching cowl and wristwarmers.


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