Brioche cowl finished and mitts in progress.

With all that laying on the couch the last couple of days I finished the Brioche cowl. And have one mitt nearly finished:

These too I prefer to wear it inside out:

It’s so much more cushy this way. It has to do with the way I knit Brioche. The Double Dutch technique takes more yarn for the colour that’s on the inside, making the stitches more pronounced. And more squishy.

Another thing with this difference in tension between the two yarns is that it gets some curl tendency. It curls to the outside, again because the inside has looser stitches:

Here I positioned the mitt with the right side out on top of the cowl that has the inside out. You can see the difference in how tight the knit stitches are.

On my next project I’m going to remedy this difference in tension because I like the rich, luxurious feel of proper Brioche. It will be a case of loosening up the tension in my Eastern Combined way of picking up the yarn over my left finger.

But it’s nice to use the discovered difference as a feature in this project.

Btw, I’m not the only one resting on the couch these days: Lillepoes has a fever. Poor kittems! She’s been laying on the couch, under layers of wool. She’s been sneezing and grew more and more lethargic over the weekend. Had me properly spooked!

Yesterday she had to endure an anaesthetic while the vet checked her airways. We were sure she had inhaled a piece of grass or hair or something. But he couldn’t find anything.

So now we think it’s a bacteria. Here are some knitted ones:

a free pattern by Beth Skwarecki.

A bacterial infection would be logical because we’ve been suppressing her immune system with prednison for the last two weeks. Because she was licking like mad at her tail for the last few months. Licking it bald, because it itched so much. Because she’s grown allergic to something and we could not determine what in those months.

An unfortunate but logical course of events.

The good news today is that the anti-biotics are working. She’s already purring again.

The other good news is that we now know for certain the licking is caused by an allergy and not by mental stress. I was worried and felt guilty because I’m always dragging her from her beloved cabin to the city and back and I know she doesn’t like that. I do my best to cuddle her and play with here and take her for little walks while we’re in the city. But it’s never enough of course.

But since the prednison works it’s far more likely it’s an allergy than stress. We cannot guess what’s causing the allergic reaction. In the last few months we excluded the main treatable culprits (fleas, worms, food, dust mites) and now there are so many other possibilities. It may even be something she’s known all her life that built up and has now passed the threshold. We hope this course of cortisol (which we are stopping now -slowly- because the anti-biotics need her immune system in full swing to get rid of the bug) has helped her out of a viscious circle of reacting.

The itching may return in a couple of months and the vet proposes we then suppress it again. But will it make her susceptible to bacteria again, I wonder? I don’t want to see the kitty sick again, it was not nice. Not nice at all.

But this morning she turned the corner. Here she is while I’m typing this:


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