Weird Wool Wednesday: Lillepoes Purrito


She’s going to be fine 🙂
She needs a lot of sleep and a lot of quality food and lots and lots of cuddles, but she’s going to be fine.

We’ve spend a few nights apart, while she was at the vets’ hooked up on saline and oxygen. Being apart was as much stressing for her as all the sickness was. Now that she’s back home she wants to know we are all together again all the time. She sleeps near us, calls us when we are not close and needs to be hugged a lot.

Also, a few times she has cried out desperately in her sleep 😦
Probably a way of dealing with the stress she/her body has experienced. I’m sure it will pass but it unsettles her humans.

Btw, the same goes for me, I too need lots of sleep, good food and cuddles to recover from the stresses of the past ten days. I know I shouldn’t be but I am surprised by how long an aftermath the body needs to repair itself when the mind has already put things behind her and is looking to the future. Today is day 2 of recovery, I wonder how many more I need.

(UPDATE: well, as it turned out, I needed several months. It was well into October before my body learned to relax again and I got back to an acceptable level of health. In the mean time I had gone grey considerably, as had Lillepoes. But she was just one shedding away from having a dark face again. Me, not so much. But that’s OK. Turning grey is not a thing I give much thought to.)

This morning we spend in bed together, covered in wool:



That’s my sleeping hat. Made from the first Yak I ever spun, with a brim in reverse stockinette stitch so I can roll it down all the way to my chin and be comfortable.

It has a little felted moon on the top.


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