Weird Wool Wednesday: no sheep here. Deer however…

In the last three days I made this dress:
Red Deer&Doe dress

It has a pocket and a bow in the back!
Red Deer&Doe dress

It’s sewing pattern Bleuet Dress from an independent pattern company called Deer&Doe
I made some adjustments because the original looks like this:

Very much designed for an hourglass figure or someone with hips.

But with my bodyshape (“goblet”, “H”, “V”) I don’t have much need for skirts that are wide in the hip. Wide in the bust is more like it! I did an FBA, a Full Bust Adjustment, on this dress.

The long lines in the front are called Princess seams and they fit a big busted girl beautifully. Me even better than this dummy. The dummy is not satisfactory, although I had much fun making it with fellow knitters.
It’s a paper tape dummy.
I would prefer a dummy made from a plaster cast. Make it out of paper maché, following this tutorial.

Anyway, full bust adjustment. I changed some other stuff too like the collar and the sleeves and the buttons and the pocket. This dress it’s all about having a protective shell to wear and showing off that center panel’s fabric.

It’s deer fabric!
Bought at Atelier Bernadien when I was on that knitter’s trip to Zealand.

Red Deer&Doe dress

Using funny deer fabric in a pattern from a company called Deer & Doe makes me chuckle.

I think the wool fumes are making me childish. Or perhaps it’s knitting withdrawal symptoms…
(We can agree that this fabric is hipster, right? “Ironic”. Or what’s that word they use… meaning “over the top”. Clearly not serious. “A humorous hint to a cultural phenomenon or fashionable trend”. Oh, I don’t know.)(The lack of knitting has got me babbling.)

Anyway. I made all the necessary changes to the paper pattern on Monday. Cut the fabric and sewed some seams on the same day.
Went to the fabrics market on Tuesday and bought that zipper and biaisband. Sewed some more seams.
Spend all day today on making a hole that my head could actually get through and getting that biaisband on and sewing that hem just right. Fiddly stuff!

But it shows I’m improving, healthwise. I was able to think my way through the pattern changes on Monday and sit up straight for a bit. I went outside and into town yesterday. And today I sat up straight again and even starting to remember to keep good posture and pull my hurting shoulder back.

So pretty soon I’ll be knitting again 🙂

But first I’m going to sew another dress. Or two. Now that I have a pattern that fits me well. And canvas sews so easy. No lining needed! I’ve got some green…

I love sewing with canvas!
It’s sturdy and you can give shape to a dress so it suits your bodyshape just right.
When the dress is finished you can live in it, pretty much as you can live in jeans. Nothing flimsy and “gotta be careful, I just had my nails done!
No. Just enjoy your dress and your life and if it’s worn down just sew another!

Yeah, for this kind of lifestyle I’d love to buy more canvas and sew more happy dresses. With another fun printed cotton to steal the show!
Yesterday, I swear it’s the truth, I saw some John Deere fabric. It wasn’t this one but it’s close:

Wouldn’t that be fun? John Deere fabric for my Deer&Doe pattern. chuckle

So Mum if you’re reading this, I love to come and visit and go with you to the Lapjesmarkt (big fabric market with a long tradition, smack in the middle of the historic city of Utrecht).
One Saturday in April perhaps?
I’ll wear my new dress.

Red Deer&Doe dress


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