Weird Wool Wednesday: Hats over Heals. Sockmadness!

It’s Sockmadness over at!

Loosely based on a basketball competition known as March Madness, teams of knitters compete in 7 rounds with brand new sock patterns and they’re trying to knit them as fast as possible. Every team is international and consists of fast and slow knitters and it’s a lot of fun.
As the rounds progress the patterns become increasingly more complex in design. In the 7th round each team will only have one member left to compete and when that round starts there’s no time for anything but knitting.

The sock fun is contagious! So I’ve started a fun sock on my own: Sokike Sok.

pattern SOKI KUDUMISE JUHEND by Tuulepluus
It’s in Estonian and it’s free. Lots of people have understood the pattern and are providing English and German instructions and tips.

It’s a sock pattern with a different constructions that gives you this fun chevron shapes. Ideal for self striping sock yarn. You start with some sort of heel hat…

When it’s wide enough to fit your heel/arc you proceed to work to the toe while continuing the chevron pattern. At the tip you can decide to make the swirl the pattern photo shows: decreasing like it’s a hat for the toes!
Or what I’m doing: shortrows to make a little triangle and end with a conventional toe.

Then I’m picking up the stitches that are parked on the knitting cable at the right, to knit the leg.

This pattern is really fun to do and it’s a good knit while resting and reading up on how my friends are doing in Sock Madness. I’m reading here, where the Dutch are talking amongst themselves.

In the beginning I hadn’t understood the pattern very well, I just assumed: A hat for the heel!
So I knitted a hat. Increase 4 stitches every other row untill it fits:

This is one big heel hat! More of a heel pancake (crepe) rather.
Heels are not as domelike as heads and I had finished the whole part before realizing I should have read the pattern that clearly shows to knit a bell shape. With charts and everything.

So I frogged it. (but not before I started the second sock first, the one you see at the top. Frogging is such a definite action that I always need a little time to be sure. In that time I started the second sock, following the pattern).

When I frogged the pancake I did not frog it all the way. I took a look at the heel hat I had now knitted correctly and tried to start the second one at the same place in the colour sequence. I’d like these socks to match. This is as far as I frogged.

Cut yarn, start second heel hat:

fiddly fiddly

This way of knitting, with a circular bend double in the knitting, is called Magic Loop. You work from one end to the other and always have a surplus of knitting cable at those positions halfway the rows.
It’s an ideal way to knit in the round. You do have to take care that the begin- and end stitches are pulled tight. And you’ve got to mark which part of the loop is the beginning of a row and which one is merely halfway a row. I mark mine with the loose end of my yarn.
I weave it in and out the rows as I pass. Here you might see it in the finished heel:

This is all done in Magic Loop. The tiny beginnings of the second heel hat. The toe on the first one with its shortrows:

And the parked stitches on the leg:

I do almost all my knitting in Magic Loop. All tubes, all bells and all circles/pancakes.


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