Deco Cardi, hopscotching along

This is where I left you last week:

Ready to knit the edge. Ready to finish the bodice.
Looking closely you can see I was midway giving the stems a treatment, to make them stand out more. I dropped a stitch on either side of a stem and let it ravel up all the way to the diamond. With a crochet hook I then picked it up purlwise:

This works, the stems look beautiful. This is better than knitting the purl stitches while knitting the rows because I have such a loose gauge. It would not have looked tidy. It would not emphasize the stems.

But these stems… they look different from the edge they are about to become…

The knot columns in the border get slipped every other row. This elongates the stitches a bit. And helps against curling.
I had forgotten to slip the stitches of the stems every other row. It would show if I did on the border.

I tried whether it was possible to rectify it with my crochet hook:

It was not. The stem on the right looks awful.



A day later I reknit it all, slipping stitches in the stems. Making it look good!
At the end of the day I brought in the crochet hook again, adding column of p-stitches.

I finished the purl columns the next morning.
Now it was a home stretch!
Just knit that edge! Enjoy early Spring Sunshine! Have a piece of chocolate! Giggle at your new handbag!

Right. Knit the edge. Bound off. Body finished. Booyah.

Or not to booyah….

I bound of on the Right side. While I’ve clearly written in my notes that I should bind off on the Wrong Side, because Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off has a beautiful edge. On the other side:

By that time the chocolate had gone. The Spring Sun had gone. And I wanted to knit Brioche very much. Broke my Brioche needle. Broke another Brioche needle.
Decided I needed to learn to make custard pudding, from scratch, urgently.

Since then I’ve eaten custard. I have unpicked the bind off and have bound off from the right Wrong side and finished the body.
I’ve picked up stitches for the sleeve and I’ve knit all the way down to the cuff, incorporating clever diamonds and trying hard to understand the numbers.
I was knitting the cuff when I decided to try it on one more time, for length.
It was too tight. My nemesis had struck again, Too Tight Sleeve Man.
I don’t understand because I tried that sleeve on and on and on while I was knitting it. It does tense up a bit the diamonds, with the cable stitch. But I didn’t think it’d spread to the rest of the sleeve…. to the already knitted and fitting comfortably sleeve.

The whole sleeve had to be ripped back and knit again, with more forgiving numbers. Which I “mathed” with great difficulty because the old noodle stil isn’t functioning properly. But I got it done and decided to decrease two stitches every 5th or 6th row. It was then I checked what I had written about sleeves in the white February Sweater, knitted with the same yarn and the same needle. Just to be sure.
It’s written there clear as day: start with 54 stitches, decrease 2 every 6th row. Those are the correct numbers. Why did I not check this project for notes?? I had! I had read this words, recently! Clearly my brain cannot be trusted. Not yet. I was ready to break some more needles, on purpose this time.

Instead I’ve resolved to knitting an existing pattern after these two. No more trying to do this thinking stuff myself, trying to be smart. Just get yarn, get needles and follow a pattern, row by row. There are some good patterns out there, all I need to do is get a gauge.
My other nemesis…. gauge.

In the mean time I’ve knitted on the new sleeve for a bit. But it’s raining outside, there’s no chocolate in the house and my enthousiasme for this cardi is seriously tempered. I estimate I have now knitted this cardi twice already, in hours and stitches. And I’m still one sleeve and a half and a collar short. And I didn’t even put in pockets.

Today I haven’t knit a stitch.
Instead I’ve finished sewing a skirt I want to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow is Annual Meeting of the National Spinner’s Foundation. Initially I wasn’t going to go because I still need to rest so much but this week I was so fed up with stupid knitting/stupid me that I decided to go and have some fun tomorrow. You remember last year, with the little knitted sheep? Tomorrow I’m going to spin. And wear my new skirt.

Avoiding knitting today I made my second batch of custard and turned it into chipolata pudding, which is a Dutch sweet treat having nothing to do with sausages:

This is not a picture of my pudding, this is from wikipedia. Mine didn’t last long enough for pictures. But it was good! With half a litre of whipped cream. And “bitterkoekjes” and tangerine and ananas. yumyum
Here’s a recipe based on custard.
I better start knitting again soon otherwise I’ll need to adjust the size I knit and sew.


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