“Whacha doooooin?”

What am I doing? I’m paying the price for attending the spinners’ meet last weekend.

My body’s been off kilter all week and the nasty thing is that my head is part of my body. I’ve not been able to think clearly this. And I’ve not been able to be cheerful either. That last thing is tricky to live with because it’s part of the Depression Lies spectrum. I feel glum and desperate but I know it’s all caused by faulty brain chemistry. It’s not the real me. Still it ìs the real me, because these feelings are strong.

Well, I’ve muddled through the worst. Let’s hope things settle down quickly now and I can get back to being my cheerful self.
In the mean time I’ve been careful not to mess up any more knitting. I’ve finished the sleeves on Deco Cardi:

All that remains is to pick up stitches for the collar and knit it sideways. Then it’s finished!

Things to consider are how many stitches to pick up (I think it’s 3 stitches for every 4 rows) and how to increase and decrease in the corners (I’ll want some crisp corners, I think). The third thing to decide is button holes. Do I want them? Do I have buttons? How big are they?

Three things to think about before attaching yarn. And thinking is not my strong suit now so I’ve left it for now. I did wear the Cardi in progress around the cabin, just to get a feel for it.
It felt good. 🙂

I have not knitted on the Spring Brioche Shawl either. Somehow this knitting project fits better when I’m in the city. It’s a crisp piece of knitwear. It wants light and sophisticated surroundings. Not the cosy natural chaos of the cabin.
I listen to the knitting. It’s in it’s little travel suitcase and will come with me to the city next week.

I was adamant to start a gauge swatch on April 1st in one of the Wollmeise yarns for a cardigan. But of course I left all the skeins in the city… So that’s for next week.

What I have been doing is spinning that Shetland fibre from Wolgelukkig. What a delight! Nicely combed roving.

Soft, bouncy yarn. 94 meters out of 25 grams. Fingering weight. I did poke at it with a needle, to try and start the wristwarmers, but that was no succes due to brain cell shortage. Taking it with me to the city.

Because physical activity is a sure way to get rid of toxins that otherwise muddle up the body and the brain I’ve tried to get active this week. I’ve had a lovely walk in the woods with a knitting friend and her dog. A very enthusiastic Border Terrier called Lex.

I also carded a high end Shetland fleece that I’ve had for ages. All this time it was too good to ruin it by processing it, if you know what I mean?
But I’ve ruined it over the previous years by having to wash it twice and loosing its loose structure of locks. I’ve now accepted that and was ready to take it from here.

I’ve put it through the wool picker and yesterday I’ve carded it into batts. It’s now ready to spin. I made a sample and this will work. A bit of a rustic yarn but very sympathetic:

And so very soft! I’d love to have a little jumper from this but I fear it’s too soft. It won’t wear well. But the colour would be excellent for a little lacey jumper… Should it become a hood instead? I’ll be thinking about it all the hours I’ll be spinning it. Probably doubting until the very end.

I want to spin it on my other wheel though, the one I keep in the city at the moment. I can finely regulate the uptake on that one. I may love my Louet S71 but it’s a little demanding towards superfine fibres.

Yesterday I carded the whole batch, all 525 grams of it. There are about 10 batts now, in a big plastic box. I seriously planned to take it with me to the city and spin it next week. But this morning I realized there will only be a few days in the city. And there’s such a different atmosphere. Both won’t be enough to spin away half a kilo of thin rustic fibre.

So the box with the batts is now stashed in the wool room and instead I’m bringing some luxury spinning items with me to the city, for some fine sophisticated spinning:

The last thing I did this week was washing the Blue Texel fleece I raved about.
I’ll tell you more about that later this weekend because my expectations were so very high for this fleece and of course reality never lives up to that kind of expectations. Instead the fleece presented with an interesting spinning puzzle I want to share with you, in a new post.

Over the last days I’ve been sorting little batches of locks and flicking them with a little dog comb.
Then spinning those locks from base to tip. Then getting another batch and flicking that.

It’s a nice, meditative sequence of working. And the locks spin like a dream:

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Sitting in the window, spinning locks. Trying not to think too much about life and living.


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