Weird Wool Wednesday: keeping to the plan

Am in the city. Had plans:

  1. knit on the Spring Brioche Shawl
  2. think out button band on Deco Cardi (and knit it)
  3. make swatch with one of the Woolmeise yarns for beautiful cardigan.

but somehow:

This is pullover Sprig, a design by Alana Dakos.

I casted on in that lovely green handspun that I’ve been spinning Long Draw on the Louet for months now. I remember I started spinning it outside, on a lovely golden late Summer’s Day. It’s spun especially for this pattern.

I finished it quickly last week, when I needed the wheel for other things. Such as Shetland and Texel. I’m not even sure I have enough, there’s only 546 m…

Fortunately Sprig is knit on needles 5 mm, even though the handspun is sportweight, so I may get away with it. I’ve learned from previous experiences that I should knit my handspun woolen yarns quite loosely, especially if it’s from Dutch sheep breeds. To prevent “plankiness” in the garment.

Plans 1., 2. and 3. are still very much current! But they all require a certain amount of thinking or looking at my hands. Or finding my knitting needles.

That’s why I tell myself Sprig is my TV-project, for when we watch TV series in the evening.


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