Skew Sneaking In + Bobmas Day

I have entered the danger zone by casting on for a new project…

It’s Skew sock pattern.
In a lovely Danish yarn that I received as a gift yesterday. Couldn’t help myself. Had to cast on with the yarn. And I love the Skew pattern.

Skew is a weirdly lovely pattern, a free pattern by Lana Holden:

It starts at the toe and skews selfstriping yarn before it works up to a swirly heel. It’s been translated in many languages and knit many times.
My project is actually the 4901st project of it on Ravelry!

I need some modifications from the original pattern to accommodate my broad feet and high instep so I was browsing the Ravelry database for notes that other people made for this pattern. It’s so very handy! The idea of a knitting database, filled and kept up to date by knitters, was a stroke of brilliance.

A stroke of brilliance that sparked exactly 10 years ago today, on the 11th of April 2005:

rav screenshot from the blog of Jess in 2005. She’s the knitter girlfriend of Casey, now her husband, and together they developed into the multimillion user site it is today.

That means that today is Bobmas Day! Go friend Bob, the Boston Terrier of Jess and Casey, and have a cupcake to celebrate.

Taking full advantage of the database I found my own Paprika Skew sock amongst the projects that people found helpful. That makes me happy, thank you!
It was my very first Skew, in yarn I dyed myself:

I only ever made the left sock because I had this other, more beautiful yarn, that I wanted to make Skews with asap. Here’s Lente Skew in progress:

It was finished quickly -and had different notes than Paprika Skew, no idea why- and it looks wonderful in this yarn! I wear it often.
Only the one though because the left Lente Skew sock was a victim of Second Sock Syndrome. It’s half finished and I keep it as a WIP, carefully kept together, including needles, in a tote. I often see it in the stash or in my book cabinet and I fondly think of finishing it. But somehow I haven’t. For years now.

That’s right, I’ve been wearing my sole beautiful right Lente Skew sock for about 4 years now and I love it. I wear it often. Either together with the Paprika Skew left sock. Or with the left sock of these Spring socks:

They match somewhat in colours. Or they’re both stripey. That’s what I tell people confidently anyway, when they remark upon my socks not matching.

I really like the Skew pattern. And now I’ve casted on for it again. In more subdued colours which happens to be my mood this Winter, Spring and probably Summer too.
Most of my socks are eye watering bright because those yarns are fun to knit but wearing them is not very practical, not when you want to be all sophisticated and ethereal.

This yarn is a Danish yarn called Hjertegarn. “Heart yarn”, from Denmark. I like it! 🙂
These particular colourways are called “snake” and my colourway is 7715, the green variety.

 pic from who sells this yarn

So these are to be my “Snake Skews”.
Yes, I plan to make both a left sock and a right sock this time.
I’m starting with the left one though so when I do get thwarted by second sock syndrome again I’ll at least have another mate for my one right Lente Skew.
Knitting is just like life: enjoy it but do provide for predictable eventualities.

Yesterday evening I cast on. And this morning I’ve been knitting merrily for a few hours. And now I’ve made it too big. My feet are not thát broad, thankyouverymuch!
I don’t know what happened. I followed my pattern notes from my two previous Skews, even though the notes don’t match up. But both of those socks fit beautifully so ball park would work.

But at this moment I find I have 16 stitches worth too much of fabric. On a 76 total stitch count. Yeah, that’s a lot. A lot alot.
Let’s just say it was a slow Saturday morning and I was sleepy. It did take me some time to register reality didn’t adhere to theory. Again (2)

(again #1 = that reality doesn’t follow sound theory)
(again #2 = that I take my sweet time to realize this.)

This afternoon I need to rip back to where it was in the first picture and start again from there.
But that’s ok. There is not much else to do today but rest and knit. The plan was to knit on Spring Brioche (and I will!) and in the evening light knit on my green handspun Sprig (and I will!). In between, when I’m too tired to pay attention to brioche, I’ll knit Skew.

Or should I say: “reknit Skew…”


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