Weird Wool Wednesday: round and round

Today I’m travelling on a train. While en route, it’s important to have a project that’s easy knitting. Yesterday morning I finished my one Snake Skew, so I cast on for the second one but only made a small start. Now I can do the easy part on the train and just go round and round and round.

I forced myself to stop knitting on it and put it in a WIP bag for travel. Which meant I found myself with idle hands yesterday afternoon. I did hear some faint calling from Spring Brioche Shawl and Deco Cardi but I was high on my finished Skew. It’s a real accomplishment when you manage to wrap that awkward piece of knitting around your ankle and have a sock emerge!
I felt a genius (even though my Snake Skew doesn’t fit too well because I was trying to be smart. But I know what I did wrong now and I think I’ll do better on a next one.)

Feeling confident, I dug up my favourite Lente Skew and put its sleepy stitches on a needle to see where it’s at:

This is the second Spring Skew that has been living in my house, unfinished, for four years now. That’s right. I checked the project page. It was put into hibernation in Spring 2011.
Here it is with its mate that was finished that same Spring of 2011:

Can you see the difference in vibrancy? The left one is surely been used. Its colours have faded somewhat.
The one in progress was just at the point where the Skew pattern magic begins. You have to separate one band into two, one band travelling up your leg, the other one going around the back of your ankle. There are all kinds of magical increases and lots of stitch markers dangling and you don’t know what’s what when suddenly you have to start heel decreases 10 stitches from the end of the round. You really have to follow the pattern without questions and hope your gauge and your foot match the pattern.

Or, if you’re like me and think you can improve on each and every pattern, you try to understand what’s going on and can’t figure it out and then you loose confidence. For a few years.
Until one day you find yourself on the couch, it’s a lovely sunny Spring day and you’ve got time to spare and a brain that works and you’ve just finished one Skew and have some idea how this pattern folds into a sock.

That’s when you take the time to knit your little heart out and find a way to indeed alter the pattern to match your foot specifics. At the end of the day you might get this:

Two Skew socks! One fresh, one a bit weathered. Great stripes. Beautiful fit, especially on the new one! All magic worked on that one! It has a heel, I did the “origami moment’ and it fits my high instep and my skinny ankle. Succes!

All that remains to be done now is to knit the leg and add a cuff. It’s the kind of mindless knitting in the round and round and round that would go well with a train ride.

That’s why I put it aside at this point. It’s coming with me and the itty bitty Snake Skew toe on the train. Because you never know how fast I might get to work that second Snake Skew and if I come to that point where the bands split and the numbers start dancing, I might not want to tackle it right then and there. Rather change it for another simple project that goes round and round and round.

Well, that’s my knitting sorted for the train ride then. Two Skews at convenient train knitting points of progress.
I put them in the WIP bag and looked around for something else to knit.
There was still one hour left on my Tuesday evening. What to do, what to do.
hmmm… I do have one other ball of scrumptious sock yarn in this house…

That little dark triangle is the toe of my new project, Comfort Skew.

I parked the Lente Skew on the two bamboo dpns that have been holding this WIP for four years now. Just so I could get my hands on the 2 mm circular needle and knit a toe on a new Skew.

The yarn is H&W Comfort-Wolle Sockenwolle Comfort Color that I bought as a souvenir when visiting my own city. It will knit up beautifully, in broad stripes in earthy colours with a happy streak of green and blue.

It too is now at a convenient round-and-round-and-round point.
I better bring it on the train too…
You never know when you’re in need of a back up knitting project for your back up knitting project.


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