Skew 3.14159265359

Lente Skews are finished! Project page is here.

One old, one new, one striped, one blue (couch):

I’m wearing them today. They fit so well! (I wove in the ends. Also from the right sock, 4 years after it was finished).

The first Comfort Skew went ZOOM! on the train last Wednesyday. The day after, while resting, I magiced the heel together. Nice fit too! Although it ended up with a weirdly low placed band across the back of the ankle… this pattern is surprising every time.

Ravelry project page is here

This yarn is “printed” or sprayed with dye. Not dipped into a vat of dye. That means that the yarn has a front and a back, the back didn’t get much colour. It causes all the lighter and white accents in the fabric.

It causes a lot of colour nuances in each cm of yarn, which makes it a visual joy to knit with. The yarn is a bit thicker than the Virgo from Lente Skew socks. As I’m using the same numbers this sock ends up being a bit stiffer, more sturdy, than Lente Skew.

All that’s left now is to knit the leg. Round and round.

Snake Skew is also still in the round and round phase which is just as well because tomorrow I’m on the train again. Both Skews are coming with.

Ravelry project page to be found here

I like this colour. It reminds me of one of my favourite stones at the moment: Labradorite. Brown, blue, grey, green. Misty and sparkly.

This one is parked on two bamboo needles because I only have two 2mm circular needles at the moment. One has Comfort Skew on it and has a badly mangled cable, I think the couch stomped on it at one time. Pushing the needles over it is not easy. The other needle had Lente Skew on it and is free now. I could transfer this Snake Skew to it.

But I also kind of want to start the other toe of the second Comfort Skew because then I have plenty of round and round knitting to do for my second day of travelling tomorrow.

Ack, the logistics of too many sock wishes and not enough needles!


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