finding some orange socks

I was rooting through the sock yarn stash, matching yarns for new Skew socks.
I found lovely combinations!

I casted on for one more Skew immediately, the third one on the needles right now. It’s the combination from the first picture.

In the sock yarn stash there was also a bunch of tangled up yarns that made me cringe. It was as big as a basketball! (or looked that big anyway). Lots of yarns from years and years ago. Bits and pieces I’ve been saving because they might come in handy one day. And beautiful left over yarn I do not dare to throw away even though it’s alpaca and makes me itchy.
Today I was not playing ball. Instead of spending hours untangling these yarns that do not even bring me pleasure I just took some scissors, cut it loose from the rest of the balls and put it in the bin.
I’m master of the yarns!

Zipper playing

The third thing I found in the sock yarn stash were…. socks. Socks on needles. WIPs.
Three pair of orange socks that only needed some cuffs. All knitted in 2009, when I was a new knitter and wanted all my socks to be orange.
Because orange is fun to knit and orange socks are fun to wear. Back then I needed serious “lift me up” from my socks as I was severely bed bound and the only thing I saw all day was the ceiling and, if I managed to sit up a bit, my socks.
Happy orange socks for the win!

This is the very first pair I ever knitted. December 2008.
This is the pair where the magic of “turning the heel” happened for me. That’s as important as your first handspun. Or realizing one can think in a sequence of spaces instead of masses (if you’re an architect). Or deciphering squiggly lines into separate letters and learning to read.

I still have these socks and I still wear them. Even though I don’t need many orange socks these days. These days my socks need to fit my dress. So muted colours and misty greens are more my thing.
Still, finding socks that only need a cuff? Finish them!

This is one pair in the sock yarn stash. It’s knitted a bit loosely because back then I didn’t know I needed smaller needles. “Everybody knits at 2,5 mm.”
I’m giving them a cuff right now. In garter stitch because I still don’t care much for ribbing.

The other pair is made with leftover of the yarn from my very first sock, the Phildar Hobby:

They were started in 2009 and I noted:
“Stashbusting and not bothering to make matching socks. freedom 🙂
using a ball of yarn from a frogged sock which was double knitting. So now I have to make two socks on one circular at the same time. Trust me to insert stripes and different coloured heels and toes and causing the socks not to progress at the same rate while the ball gives its two strands simultaneously. great fun.”

I have no idea what I’m writing here. But I seem to feel the duty to knit two matching socks. That was all the rage back then. I felt a bit rebellious not conforming.
17 July 2009 I started this project. Today I finished them:

Yarn is Phildar Hobby, on the colour Piment. Discontinued by now. I’ll weave in the ends now.

I found another project from way back then. Another one where I didn’t want to knit the ribbed cuff:

I so loved this yarn. It’s one of the first “expensive” yarns that I bought. And by that I mean: decent yarn. Just a decent sock yarn that will result in good socks with good wearability. I remember buying it. On sale, because I was stupid. It’s a Trekking that I overdyed to be more orange and warm. So happy with it, back in 2009:

This is what I wrote back then:
“Such lovely colors to work with! First toe-up sock for me. Still figuring out size.

summer ‘09: these have been finished for months, apart from the cuffs…. and I do not like knitting ribbing. Don’t scream now, but I will frog these.
Good yarn to get back 🙂 ”

Whatever possessed me to get rid of socks that run so high up the calf?? I must have thought them not worthy of this expensive yarn.
It explains that in 2015 this is what I found:

A sock and a half.

It’ll do.
These won’t even need a cuff. A rolled hem is the most sturdy edge there is. Just bind them off and start expressing my inner Pippi:


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