Skirt for my Skew

I made a skirt to go with my Snake Skews:

The fabric started life as a curtain from IKEA but as soon as I saw the colours I wrapped a rectangle of it around myself and measured how wide it needed to be to fit me instead of the window sill. One meter x 70 cm.

Prewashed and put on the floor it’s already nearly a skirt, as you can clearly see. There’s the top and there’s the bottom and there’s even a thingy for a vent at the bottom right:

I sewed it closed and put a zipper in and then started to shape the top with darts until it fit. Put a waist band on it and call it your new skirt!

I put in a pocket, so I can have pills and ear plugs with me at all times. Here you can see the side seam only runs just a little below the pocket, it doesn’t run to the hem.

I love it! It looks great with my Snake Skews and the eco printed shirt Sinterklaas gave me!


I wear this with the green Polwarth handspun shawl I traded with a friend and then I’m a pretty picture of couture!

(I’m making believe sewing a skirt is simple but it isn’t really. Putting in a vent or a zipper or a pocket is fiddly as fudge. Luckily there are tutorials on the net.)

(Making a waist band that’s more narrow at the top than at the bottom requires some real thinking. I started out with a long small strip but that doesn’t work. It needs to be shaped. Shaped like a trapezoid or otherwise a round shape.
Stuck with only a long narrow strip and no more fabric I did “a nasty hack” that turned out well. By accident. Not by design or smarts.)(I hope to employ those next time, design and smarts.)

(A nasty hack to make a rectangle waist band into a shaped one:


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