Weird Wool Wednesday: flossing is good

We went to the dentist yesterday and everything was fine. I was relieved if not giddy when paying for the appointment afterwards.

The receptionist had seen me knitting in the waiting area and got very enthousiastic about it.
I then got very enthousiastic too.

She asked if I knew how to knit socks.
I do. I do! I DO!
pic by Daria Mana
I kicked off my shoe and swung my leg as high as I good, placing a Skew right onto the receptionist’s balie. Right next to the card reader. Right in her face. A warm, damp Skew.

I was so ashamed when we drove home.
At home I discovered there was even a bunch of cat hair stuck to the sole.
It must have looked so gross!

I’ll have to change dentists now.

Or floss so much I’ll never have to go back there.

Here’s a link to a short gif about a cat being very surprised at voluntary tooth brushing. I’m still so ashamed.


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