Willow Trees Cowl

I’ve got a new WIP on the needles, Willow Trace cowl:

It’s a free pattern by Puk Vossen, named Trees, which is a Dutch women’s name derived from Therèse and I like how the written word refers to trees. In Dutch, Trees is pronounced like the English “trace”.

Trees by Puk Vossen

It’s originally meant for lace weight yarn and it’s a long narrow tube that you can drape in various ways. As a cowl, a shawl, a hat. Or a wimple. I love wimples. They are long cowls that you can pull up until they cover your head.

I’m knitting it in handspun fingering weight in that lovely BFL that Pimmie gave me last year and that I’ve been wearing as is around my neck:

sorry for the tired look, I feel better today

I’m combining the construction of pattern Trees with a lace pattern from another cowl pattern: Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon:

 pic by Amelia Lyon

This gives the ridges. As a design Willow Cowl starts fairly wide at the bottom and narrows to the top but it doesn’t sit high up the neck like Trees does, so I’m not doing that, I’m just knitting straight ahead.

This is my current project for when I want my hands to be busy but my mind absented. All the other WIPs require some degree of thinking or decision making at the moment so Willow Trees is very welcome.


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