thinking around the WIPs

Besides Willow Trace in the previous post, these are the WIPs that I’m actively working on at the moment. These are the ones that require some thinking…

I finished the bodice and now the sideways collar needs to be attached. I started it, after I recalculated the pattern for my gauge.
But something is not right… it’s too tight. That collar needs to be at a right angle from the bodice.

The pattern attached to the bodice with one stitch for each row. (stitches run vertical, rows go from right to left).
Normally these two relate as 3 stitches for every 4 rows. When you attach a buttonband to a cardigan, this is what you do: you take up 3 stitches for every 4 rows.

It’s what I did with Deco Cardi: 3 stitches going from right to left for every row of the bodice:

Sprig runs the other way: the stitches are in place and now I’m adding the rows. It’s as if the button band is already knit.
So for every 3 bodice stitches there need …. to … be … 4 rows … in the collar ..

I think I now know where I went wrong.

I’ve got 120 stitches coming from the bodice, that’s 120 vertical columns of knit stitches.
So these should mount to (120/3)x4 = 160 rows for the collar, running from one shoulder all the way around. I calculated the other way around, (120/4)x3, thinking I needed 90 rows. I generously aimed for 108 rows because my row gauge in the bodice said that’s what I needed for that circumference. And then I went with 120 rows because that’s easier with keeping the sssk to the body nice and even. I smugly decided on some short rows to get from 120 back down to 108.

Never mind. I figured it out. I’ll be frogging all of this en starting anew.

things to decide on before I can resume knitting:

  • how narrow do I want the top edge to be? this will require some short rows. But beware of the i-cord at the edge, that one draws in (might even need some short rows for itself, to give it more room)
  • in what rhythm will I attach the collar to the bodice? how do I get from 120 to 160 in a visually pleasing way?


I worked on Spring Brioche shawl for hours. I’m slowly getting to the end of the strip. I estimate it takes another full day of knitting to get there. It really is a very slow knit!
Circular needle is already waiting.

I have nearly knitted a left Flax Skew to go with the right one:

These Skews are weird. They ripple in the most unexpected places:

The pattern keeps eluding me, I keep misunderstanding the mechanics.
My whole idea is to increase stitch count all around to accommodate for high instep. But clearly I’ve increased too much here!
Second modification is to keep on knitting at the heel until the band closes comfortably. I miscalculated in this one because the 6 stitch wide band misses its partner all together and I had to decrease like crazy to get to the 72 stitch count needed for the leg.

Oh well. A sock is a sock. And this one has a great colour.


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