Finished: Wolgelukkig Shetland Wristwarmers


used 14 grams of my handspun Shetland. You get the whole package from Wolgelukkig: roving to spin and the pattern.
I had to swatch with various needles to find a gauge that would work with my hand. I ended up knitting the whole mitt with needle 2,5 mm. The pattern says 3,5 or 3 mm.

It has a picot edge but that’s not visible because it’s flipped straight up. I think due to two rows of stockinette stitch right before the bind off. Will change those two to reverse stockinette stitch in the left one. And blocking might be of help too.

Knitting the left one. It will be shorter than the right one, I’m running out of yarn:

Binding off the left one. The two rows of indeed counter the flipping.
But I’ve hit a snag: I’ve measured out the tail of the yarn in fours and am meeting the knot indicating a fourth when I have not yet bind off one fourth of all stitches:

I ripped out a few rows and started again. This time I’ve got enough yarn but I have changed the picots towards the end because I am running out of yarn fast and I still need to sew up the sides:

Sewn shut. That’s all the yarn that’s left. I do not like these kind of games.

Ack, I forgot to decrease six stitches at the wrist. It’s now pretty wide and loose. And it took up precious yarn. But the picot edge does not flip up, that’s good. Blocked pictures soon to come!


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