Weird Wool Wednesday: body issues

I just finished Sprig pullover!
Just 5 minutes off the needles:

nice details on the sleeves. They’ll get some buttons too.

Measuring it, this seems a little small…

I did have a limited amount of yarn. Only 490 m. Sprig took 442 m. It looks a little small to me. Does this look small to you?

next to a regular longsleeve of mine:

yes. Definitely small….
Short too.
I’ll be pulling on the hem all day when I wear it.

If I wear it…. because wearing a sweater that’s too tight is just uncomfortable.

The thing is: I knew it all along while I was knitting. Every time I tried it on.
But I kept thinking: “Nahh, gauge is correct.”
“It still needs blocking anyway.”

“I’ll sit up straight when wearing this. A good reminder to maintain good posture.”

“I can block this ferociously.”

Well, I better. Because this handknit sweater is too small. And I already have two of those. Which I never wear because of that.

When am I going to learn that I am NOT a petite, frail little thing? That wearing ease is a friend to be welcomed. Contrary to mr. Gauge who is a lying piece of moth who should be vetted by a herd of hautain alpacas!

(hey, do you reckon the word “hoity-toity” comes from the word “hautain”? They mean the same. And camelids are good in it.)


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