the miracle of blocking: Sprig and Wolgelukkig mitts and bunting.

Well what do you know, blocking made the Sprig pullover fit!

Lovely neck detail:

Here now some pictures showing me, my Sprig and my living room in all our disorganized mess. I could claim that an outward disarray merely points towards an organized mind?

But the truth is that I’ve spend a whole week on the couch, recuperating from three weeks in the city, and that I just cannot do any better than this. I haven’t washed, I haven’t cooked and I certainly haven’t tidied up. But I have rested, I remembered to take all my pills and I have recovered to an acceptable level of functionality in just one week.

Today I’m up and about for the first time. I stuck my nose outside and smelled the Spring. Lovely!
I was also well enough to block Sprig. And well enough to have some pictures taken. Not well enough to remember to stand in the light. Ah well!

Sprig is not too tight at all. It rides up a bit, but handknit Long Draw handspun tends to do that with me. No idea why.

The asymmetrical neck sits good:

Not too tight at the bust either. I can breathe comfortably. Gauge did turn out to be as advertised. I’m shocked.

The sleeves have a nice detail too. Not visible here. I attached a button. Barely visible here. I think I’ll change it for something else, it’s so obscure. Having a button at the inside of the forearm is not too pleasant so I might take it off altogether.

Blocking also worked well for the Wolgelukkig wristwarmers.

Unfortunately my camera didn’t want to play. I’ll have to redo these pictures but I cannot muster that today so I’m showing you these in the mean time:

The bind off at the wrist still curls a bit and is too wide. But the handspun Shetland is a dream to process and wear. I cannot wait to spin the colour assorted combed top I have.

The third approved blocking experience was with these two little flags I crocheted:

They both feature my handspun. They are meant for bunting for a knitting in public picknick we’re doing with the Dutch Karma Swap Group. It’s also our anniversary. We’ll be going to a park, somewhere in June, when it’s international Knit in Public Day and we’ll have cake and we’ll knit.


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