how the various socks are going

Skews are all in project bags and ready to grab when I go somewhere where I can knit. But I don’t knit them much at home. I’ve got too many cardi’s going on. (there’s even a purple cardigan on the needles that I haven’t told you about yet)

Spicy green Skew looked like this:

and is now like this:

Colours are true in the first picture. It’s at an easy state now: just continue until it’s long enough. After that I need to think and count. Which is why I don’t knit on it much now.

Soft Spoken Skew has one sock finished and a left one in the making.

I don’t recall why I do not finish that right sock… perhaps because I want to use up all the stripey yarn. It’s only one 50 grams ball in total.

Lammy Skew has one sock finished, except for the leg:

The problem is that I have a finite amount of striping yarn. I knitting slowly so I can make up my mind if/when to stop and cast on for the second sock. But I wouldn’t want to have two socks going on at the same time, coming from both ends from both balls. If I could find said ends to begin with…
Perhaps end this leg with a bout of grey? But I don’t like a grey triangle on this sock. Or grey with just a splash of colour in the cuff? I’ve been weighing the yarn, to see if that would help. It doesn’t. My kitchen scale is vintage and analoge.
While all this mulls around my head I’m (not) knitting this sock. Love the colours though. And I love how the stripes show off the pattern.

The COEXIST mystery sock pattern has been abandoned. I’m doing my own now.
I didn’t like the four options for the heel: “’80s movies” which didn’t feature the movies that I consider icons (Jaws, Return to the Future, Indiana Jones, Breakfast Club).

After that came four option of vampire series. I’ve got nothing, absolute nothing with those series.
I also missed a bit of attention how the various elements would flow into each other, it seemed pretty much “hack ‘n mix” to me. So I designed a pleasing end to the Harry Potter diamonds, both towards the heel and towards the top of the foot.

I rotated the leg so the Harry Potter open diamonds would be at the ankle and the closed ones at the front and back.

The top of the foot features one of my all time favourite stitch patterns: Prickly Pear Socks.

I adore this stitch pattern. It also shows off the wonderfully dyed yarn much better than the open latic work on the leg. Which I don’t like anyway on a sock, for drafty reasons.

Prickly Pear Socks is a free pattern by Thayer Preece Parker

And I’ve used it before in socks, in the waist of my Octobre Cardigan and in the block I designed for the Karma Group Blanket. It’s some sort of “koffieboontje”. With a side of herring bone rib.

It’s funny, knitting a pair of top down socks next to all the bottom up Skews. Pretty soon I’ll have turned both heels and it will be mindless knitting again, good for TV or visiting.
I love the colour. But I haven’t been able to capture it truly in a picture…
I’m stealing Moonwise’ picture because this is almost exactly how my yarn looks in reality:
picture by Moonwise


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