Weird Wool Wednesday: startitis.

I’ve just cast on for another Trees Cowl.

Using handspun in a sea of soft white BC garn Semilla Fine.

This is ridiculous.
I now officially have on the needles: four pair of socks, two shawls and three cardigans. I’m knitting actively on all of them! A few rounds here, a couple of hours there. Nothing gets finished and here I am casting on for another cowl!

(Yesterday I told you that I’m reserving Skews for when I’m travelling. But taking the pictures yesterday made my hands itch! And when hands itch knitting ensues.)

Searching for the right size needles for the cowl I found this project:

Nearly finished socks!
Just a few more hours of mindless knitting and they’re done. Perfect for TV-evenings, I already threw them in my Active Knitting Projects Box.
But I need its needle for Trees Cowl… so I thought about sharing the needle amongst the project. Do a round of cowl, do a round of sock. Ridiculous.
It will have to wait.

I’ll put it back with the other projects I have on hold at the moment. They live in various drawers and yarn boxes all over the house. For all of them I have the intentions of finishing them.

Oh noes! Ravelry has an advantage search option to search by status: “you currently have 55 projects in hibernation.”
“You have no business casting on a new project.”



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