progress on Holle cardi

Holle cardi is trucking along nicely. I LOVE working with Wollmeise DK yarn. I think I’ll never purchase any other Wollmeise weight besides DK again in the future. For cardigans and pullovers that is.

Knitting top down following the pattern Colours of Kauai I’ve now just passed the apex point. I put in a couple of bustdarts and increased a few stitches. I’ll take them out soon.

Knitting goes well. I understand the lace pattern and can see when I’m doing it wrong. Like 8 rows back. I’m trying to make my mind up at the moment: rip back or not.
I’m sure you can’t see it now but I made a glaring mistake and it will be right on my bust. Glaring.

Pardon all the Lillepoes cat hairs on this project…
She’s shedding and Wollmeise acts like a magnet to cat hair. Probably the “meise” in its name…

All kinds of “meisen”:

I’ve just given up picking away the hairs for the time being. When this cardi is finished and shedding season is over I’ll give it a going over.

These are the buttons I have for this cardigan. We have a fantastic button stall at the regular market on Wednesdays in the city. It’s run by two elder men who still sell stock from the ’80s.

Shown here near my freak mutant Geranium flower. It’s one of the first plants I bought when I first owned a house with a garden, 15 years ago. It was just a regular geranium, with regular round petals. But in this beautiful colour. The next year it came back in bloom like this, with freakingly shaped petals.

I love it and I’ve managed to keep it alive in the gardens I’ve owned since then: a small dark city garden facing north and a sandy forest “garden” with hungry hares and deer running wild. This year I’m fattening up and dividing its roots, to try and multiply this specimen.


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