changing Mixed Weave Rug

Last year I knitted Mixed Weave Rug and I use it often. It is long and narrow and heavy and warm. I’ve been sitting under it all winter and Lillepoes loves sitting on top of it (and me).

But it’s too long and too narrow to be practical. I cannot tuck it under comfortably and cats do not fit under it when I’m already under it.
So I changed it. While I was in the city the last couple of weeks. Where I didn’t have appropriately sized needles. So while I was there I parked Contiguous Blue Cardi and used its needle to alter the rug. Now it fits comfortably around me (and a cat).

It’s much shorter now. In fact I ripped it back a bit too far so after I adjusted the width I re-added a bit of length too, until I ran out of yarn. I’m pleased, with this shape I will get even more use out of it.

Since the addition was knitted on smaller needles than the original, the addition is a bit stiff. I’ve brought it with me to the cabin and hope to block the living daylights out of it while I’m here. Then back to the city house it’ll go. With hopefully more drape.

Now that I have experienced how much use and joy a heavy woolen blanket gives me I’m more serious then ever to knit one for the couch in the cabin too. You’ve seen me dyeing and spinning the yarn for it last year, based on the blanket from my grandmother.  It’s organic sheep from the local organic farm, De Laan van Wisch. It is so soft!

It lacked some white and green but now that I have wool left over from Sprig sweater and found some white handspun I’m ready to knit a nice blanket for the cabin also.

Where it not that I’m on a tranquil colour run the past few months. I lean more towards white and greys and soft greens. Birch not Bright!

We’ll see. I still have the other soft ecowool on the wheel and it gives big hanks of superbulky yarns. Surely that would give an awesome and tranquil coloured rug. And I can probably use two extra blankets anyway.

Oh! I unexpectedly finished spinning it yesterday!

I want to weave with it so there’s no need to soak the yarn. It’s really finished the moment I take it from the wheel!

  1. 210 meters of 50/50 brown/white, 330 grams;
  2. 165 meters of white, 250 grams;
  3. 78 meters of brown, 100 grams;
  4. 68 meters of white-with-a-bit-of-brown, 110 grams;
  5. 65 meters of brown-with-a-bit-of-white, 150 grams.

Such a rich texture. And soft yarn! I’ll catch this fluff in a warp that’s sturdy (but soft). I have to think of an approach, colourwise…. a design.


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