Brioching hard.

This is how far the Brioche shawl was:

I’m working on the top part in two colour stockinette stitch brioche, knitted in Double Dutch technique. With decreases for some shoulder and neck shaping.
The shoulder shaping is no longer visible because I frogged it. I made mistakes that could not be remedied. Better to frog it and reknit.

Which I’ve done. It was a drag to pick up all the stitches in brioche but I did it. I’ve knitted a few rows now, remembering to put in those back decreases.
But now I’ve forgotten to put in the shoulder decreases…

Shaping at the neck:

In the front I decrease one stitch every row at each end. This gives this shape, vertical fronts:

But this was how it was. Not only had I forgotten to start the shoulder decreases, the decreases at the neck are not positioned right, they are not centred. They are two dark green lines off centre. I couldn’t fudge it, I would always see it.
So I’ve frogged half the top part to reknit it. And place the decreases in the middle. And remember to start shoulder decreases.

This is the second time I have to reknit the top. I have a hard time counting correctly the past few weeks…


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