Weird Wool Wednesday: rhubarb pie

I made some rhubarb pie ….

… it made me want to knit:

This yarn is 50% silk, 50% merino. So soft and so gleaming!
It’s fingering weight, 350 m
handdyed by me.

This pie is 200 gr rice flower, 500 gr yoghurt and so fluffy!
It’s for a picknick, in a 350 year old park
pre-tasted by me.

Recipe for glutenfree rhubarb pie:
500 ml yoghurt
200 grams of rice flour
16 grams of baking powder (1 sachet, for 500 grams of flower)
bit of salt, lot of pepper
vanilla powder
one egg plus one yoke
800 grams of rhubarb (or 3 pears or 500 grams of strawberries or other fruit)
zest of half a lemon
add some sugar if you must.

warm the oven to 160 degrees Celsius
prepare fruit
mix all the dry ingredients
mix all the wet ingredients
line a large flat baking tin with butter (I use a glass one)

In a big bowl quickly mix the wet and the dry ingredients. The baking powder will start to sizzle immediately. You wan to keep this phase as short as possible so all the sizzling will happen in the tin in the oven, not now in the bowl.

put a layer of batter into the tin
add all the fruit
add the rest of the batter, make sure all the fruit bits are covered

bake for one hour on 160 degrees Celsius. Rice flower doesn’t have to turn brown like wheat flower does.
The yoghurt may keep the middle soggy, that’s ok. Otherwise: longer on lower temperature.

Eat while knitting. With friends. In the park. Having a picknick.


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