knitting at the Countryfair 2015

It’s the Countryfair at Aalten 2015!
This year I’m not well enough to sit upright for a few hours a day. But I so wanted to go and be a knitting hostess in the Sheep Tent.

“Knitting is such a relaxing hobby!”

or, as a friend from the ME-forum wrote: “You can be there as a horizontal representative of the benefits of Rest–which is highly underrated in the so-called healthy population! Embassadress of Rest, reclining as relaxation itself, an example to all on how to lie back like a Queen and chill out.”

This is us, SnB Achterhoek:

Two cosy tables full of knitting and sweets and fruit and chatter.
Under the table is a very well behaved dog, Noek, a border terrier. She’s a darling. Only don’t mention beagles because she somehow cannot stand the breed…

On the other side of me were the Angora Goats:

With little kids! The ram had a sparkly necklace or crown and was taken for a walk every hour by a woman in Elsa costume.

I brought my Rockefeller shawl and the Karmaknus blanket for people to see. One lady wanted to buy the shawl and when I told her it wasn’t for sale she wanted to buy the blanket. When I told her it wasn’t for sale either she proclaimed indignitally: “Why are you here then?!”

I only went the one day. I had planned to go the whole three days but I’m just not well enough. It promises to be a fantastic weekend though, just like last year. The Fair is also today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday. Today are the national spinning championships! Lots of my friends are there, with their wheels.
But I had a wonderful day yesterday and chatted with some lovely visitors and vendors.

These are the things I bought at the fair:
Buit Countryfair 2015
(Weirdly positioned hand of my husband to prevent book from sliding down. I swear he’s not sitting Pippi style upside down on the couch, he just has this weirdly long limbs that can bend even weirder.)

A high quality Gottland Pels hide. For reclining in style.
From Mary’s Schaapproducten. Mary is in my Stitch ‘n Bitch group but we don’t often see each other because our frequency of visiting seem to syncope.
Buit Countryfair 2015
Buit Countryfair 2015

A second yarnbowl, bigger than the one I bought a previous year. Handmade.
Buit Countryfair 2015

An intriguing book with sewing patterns from the brand Merchant & Mills that aims to get sewing out of the flowery corner into a stylish craftsmanship lifestyle. The emphasize is on quality fabrics such as linen, natural cottons, silks and wools. From British mills, preferably. I love these kind of fabrics.
The vendor in the Netherlands is Stik en Stof in Leiden, nextdoor from Yarn shop Ribbels. Stik en Stof is a brand new shop and sells fabrics and notions from Merchant & Mills. The owner wears her handsewn garments and radiates the lifestyle wonderfully.
If architects made a sewing book, I imagine this is what it’d look like.
Buit Countryfair 2015
Buit Countryfair 2015
Buit Countryfair 2015
A linocut from Pamela Marttin who also sells handspun

Sharing a stall with Marttin is Monique Berger who made this wonderful felted wall pocket.
Buit Countryfair 2015
Buit Countryfair 2015
Buit Countryfair 2015

I had a wonderful day and will spend the rest of my weekend reclining and enjoying my purchases.


One thought on “knitting at the Countryfair 2015

  1. I wish i’ve been there, i would gladly sit on the ground next to you, spinning and admiring the goats 🙂 and chat a bit!
    You made me grin about the lady who wanted to buy your shawl and blanket 🙂
    What an amazing gotland pels!!! Those curls 🙂 enjoy your quiet and peacefull weekend!! Barbara and i actually talked about you yesterday, about your knowledge of fresh fleeces 🙂

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