Finished: woven blanket

I finished it at the Fair, in the very last minutes before closing time on Friday night. I took it off the loom today.
It’s 2 meters long and 60 cm wide.

I wove it on my rigid heddle loom, a Glimakra.
I put some Lang Yarn Alpace treads through the reets. Because I was going to weave with thick yarn I skipped slots at a regular interval.
You thread the thread through the slots with a little crochet hook, double threads:

Once all the slots are filled you wind up the back thingamajig.
When it’s all wind up and you have a bunch of loops at the front you cut the loops and thread half of them through their appropriate slot.
Then you tie them to the front thingamajig and you can start weaving:

I changed colours every so often. The thick yarn could not go on the weaving stick for many meters anyway. I had 5 colourways that I changed. Often I would weave in just two rows of a contrasting colour.
It was great fun and all in all went pretty fast.

The handspun organic sheep (which I call “ecoschaap” in the tags and on Ravelry) is soft and lovely. It’s from organic farm De Laan van Wisch that really cares for their animals.

The Alpaca did get caught on something and stretched. The blanket is a bit out of shape because of that.
The weaving police will never know!

Taking about weaving police: a woven cloth is not officially finished until it’s washed. But I have a special purpose for this blanket and it doesn’t need to be washed for that. I’ll show you in time. Also: this wool doesn’t full so I see no purpose in trying to finish this blanket properly.

Besides: I take crossing my finish lines in instalments and celebrate every accomplishments I can. I call it finished!


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