Tour de France, Tour de Fleece!

The Tour de France has started today!
La Grand Depart actually is in Utrecht, one of the cities I used to live in.
The city also where Dick Bruna lives, illustrator of Miffy:
Miffy_20Knitting_large.jpg pic by Stevie Nixed, art by Dick Bruna

nijntje tour 2015 pic by anp

I got in the spirit of things and took some wheels and some wool from the wool room. Just a little bit…

Convenient to have everything out here because now I could make up the guest bedroom in the wool room and sleep there. It’s way too hot in the attic where I usually sleep. We’re having a heat wave in the Netherlands!

Today I sat inside, watched a little bit of tv and spun some wool. Little bits of green.

I even finished one skein!

60 meters out of 20 grams of fauxlags.

But now I’m closing up shop, it’s way too hot in here.
Here’s today’s collage:


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