TdF day 2 & progress Trees cowl

I made three yarns today and am working on a fourth.

a two ply in bluegreen silk, only 28 m out of 5 grams but it can be a nice line of interest in a project.

a skein of beautiful fairylike greens and lilacs. 187 metres, 70 grams, sportsweight.

25 grams into 112 m of Long Draw Hampshire Down. I’ve been spinning this for a year now…. I’ve got 718 metres now. Not quite enough yet.

I actually watched this etappe of the Tour. It was fun to see typical Dutch landscapes being filmed. Spectators along every mile of the road, many had come by bike because that’s how we Dutch roll.

Here’s my Trees cowl in progress:

The free pattern Trees by Puk Vossen:

Mine is about 70 cm lang and 25 cm wide (50 cm circumference).
It’s a nice wimple, it can be worn covering both my neck and head.

The strips of (white) handspun bulge outward nicely, they will not touch my neck and itch.
I alternate the blue and white in a rhythm so that I have more blue at the top than white. The blue handspun is soft enough to wear next to sensitive skin.

Today along the road near Haastrecht:


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