Spinning contrast, swap received.

In the Dutch Karma Swap Group we did a little swap with the Tour de Fleece in mind. You were to buy some spinning in a colour you love (and your swappee too because we were all matched according to colour preferences) and you were to send half of it to her.

She send the half of the fibre she bought to someone else. It was a secret robin round swap.

Everybody send 50 grams of fibre and received 50 grams of fibres and all of our combinations are unique. Now, in the Tour de Fleece, we are spinning our combinations.

This is the swap I received:

A special batt made for us by Nunoco. Very luxurious! And so soft!
The theme was: Fairytale Green. Unfortunately it turned out a bit darker than my swappee had requested.

She also included some warm welcomed notions and a funny tin. Tins are handy! The pins too, I’m making a Summer dress and I got to use them straight away.

This is the glorious Nunoco next to the fibre I selected for this swap: the softest BFL imaginable.

That’s quite a bit of contrast. In softness they are equal so this could well be a shawl or something that surround my head. The softness is amazing!

I’m not particularly font of spinning contrast. If you spin one single and ply it with the other colour you get barber pole yarn. Which looks nice in the skein.
But when you knit up barber pole yarn you get heathered fabric. Which I do not like.

I could spin the two fibres simultaneously, from one hand, into the same single. Then you mix colours (or you get a barberpole single).

Colours mixed will mean that both these colours will be drawn towards each other. The light and the dark will be lost, a medium green will result. I’m not looking forward to that because I so particularly like the light one and the dark one individually.

So I’ve decided to spin them separately. Match them each with another fibre. And perhaps combine the two yarns in a knitting project, making a two toned item.

The Nunoco batt with some fairy tale silk:

The light BFL with a fairy tale batt once given to me by Ullsmeden, the wool wizard woman from Norway:

It’s the last remaining batt of a series of 5 she made, all inspired by the fairy tale Polar Bear King Valemon. I received this swap in 2010 and it has warmed my heart ever since. However I could not find the right purpose or courage for the white batt.

Now I have.


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