TdF 6: A not so minty yarn.

Today I spun my fairytale silk and plied it with the minty softness from yesterday. It’s not too shabby! It toned down the minty colour nicely.
Tomorrow I can take it off the wool winder and we’ll see how it’s in the skein.

This is the silk I spun up. The most beautiful thing I ever dyed!
I love how I am bold enough to use my most precious fibres. And enjoy them.

It was 40 grams and it wasn’t enough to service the whole mint single, I think it gave about 300 m.

I’ll have to weigh carefully tomorrow because of the second green yarn I want to make, the one with the sparkles plied with the dark green silk.
I only have 20 grams of that dark green silk….

This is both Mulberry silk. The silk with the longer strands than Tussah silk. This is usually more difficult to spin because you have to keep quite some distance between your hands to prevent the twist running into the roving and knotting the strands of silk solid.

Also, this roving has been loved and petted for many years now and is a bit dense and matted together. When I started spinning it I was sure I had to fluff up the roving, to fan out the fibres before I could even think of spinning it.

However, when spinning I discovered there was no need. I just needed to “twang” the roving a bit before spinning. I just took the next 10 cm (4 inches) of roving and snapped both short ends away from each other.

This alligns the fibres and after that they draft beautifully, straight from the “dense” roving.

(when spinning I keep my fingers at the tip of the triangle. I make sure all twist is kept to the right of that point.)

Oh those colours! The gleam! The luster! It really was a joy to spin this today 🙂


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