Splitty Wollmeise (Pumpkin Ale Cardi)

I’m knitting away on the collar:

I’m also watching the men’s semi-final of Wimbledon, Federer vs. Murray. One of the most beautiful tennis I’ve seen for years!
I watched the final too but the semi-final was superior. The men placing their balls precisely. Beautiful rally’s.
I watched on a delayed stream so that I could stop any time I wanted.

As a result not every stitch is right. Wollmeise yarn consists of many strands -nine or something- and it’s easy to poke into the thread instead of under it.

Today I examined what I’d knitted and identified mistakes. I mark the columns with a safety pin so I cannot miss them while I knit the row. When I reach a pin I drop the stitch until the point where it’s gone wrong and than I work it right back up to the top.

Close up with pinpoints to the mistakes I saw:


2 thoughts on “Splitty Wollmeise (Pumpkin Ale Cardi)

  1. You are so brave! I have seen videos of dropping the stitches down and then picking them up, but I am afraid to do it.

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