Finished: Spring Brioche Shawl!

It’s lovely and large. Sits around the shoulders really well and nice and warm in the neck.
The brioche is really comfortable: squishy and warm but not so warm or thick as double knit fabric.

I’ll be making a shawl pin from hammered aluminium to keep the fronts together.

The collar collapses more than I anticipated, I have to fold it down a bit. Extra warmth.

I planned to end the fronts with a unifying icord but in the end I just couldn’t muster the will.
I now take full advantage of having made sure I had a nice edging during knitting. The striped parts have light green edges that are neat.

I used up 320 grams of Wollmeise. The skeins come in 150 grams, officially, but they are always overdimensioned. I still have 7 grams of the light green left and 13 of the dark green.

My Spring Shawl is finished, Summer is now officially here!

The plants to the right of the tree stump are indigo plants. For dyeing! A new adventure for later this year. Summer runs until November I’ve heard.


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