TdF 17: plied all the Shetland

5 times 50 grams. About 90 metres of each colour.

I’m already thinking what kind of colourwork project would be nice in these 5 natural colours…

Perhaps a teacosy, such as the ladies from Wolgelukkig did?

a hat?

sheep heid by Kate Davies

boot cuffs or legwarmers?

Dutch Shetland Leggies by Malia Mather

the yoke of a sweater?

Thingvellir by Linnea Ornstein

a pillow perhaps?

Dornoch cushion cover by Hazel Tindall

or mittens?

Häggenås 1 by Solveig Larsson

a bag?

Solicitude by Meghan Jones
I love the colourwork. But it feels a bit sinfull to use wool for a bag. Wool has properties that should be used, a little voice in me nags. It should be used for it’s warmth.
But I could easily counter argue that it’s tactile properties are well used in a bag. Every time you touch it.

I’ll keep looking through the database of patterns and people’s projects, it’s very much fun.

This is how the spinning fibre looked. Combed roving. So well prepared that I could spin it semi-woolen.


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