How are the cardigans doing?

Currently I’m working on three cardigans. Here’s an update.

Pumpkin Ale in Wollmeise twin:

I finished the collar. Repaired any wonky stitches before I bound off.
The pattern says to use an i-cord bind off. That’s a nice and sturdy bind off but it does take a long time to knit on such a long piece.

Besides cumbersomeness the icord also presents this problem: because my rowgauge is so different from my/the pattern’s stitchgauge I’d have to work really loose (byebye sturdiness) or work in some shortrows (hellohello more cumbersomeness).

I explored it a bit but I opted for another solution: work 2 rows in stockinette stitch then do a stretchy bind off from the Wrong Side.
It’s neat. It’s sturdy. And it was fast.

Never mind that I had to unpick a whole row because I was working it on the Right Side first, because I did 3 rows of st. st. because I thought it would better roll.

Here’s a try out from the right side (bottom) and confirmation that binding off from the other side works better (top):

Now I’m ready to take on the sleeves. But this requires a bit of study and thinking because there’s a lace pattern involved. So I’m distracting myself with the sleeves of Holle Cardi:

Yes I finished the body. With a lot of twisted stitches. They seemed to go on forever!

Luckily the sleeve is easy. Just basic pick up stitches and short row down.
Only it wasn’t that easy. (Is it ever?)
I wanted a neat pick up line so I picked up in every stitch. Then I had to decrease 25% which is ugly when combined with the short rows so I did one row before starting with the short rows. Which is ok because Holle Cardi is a bit snug in the shoulders. And in the back. And the left front panel. And the right front panel.

It makes me a bit nervous, all this snugness. I’m not very good with wearing ease. But I know Wollmeise relaxes significantly with blocking. I’m counting on that. Still a bit nervous though because you never know…
I think I’ll block the bodice first before I pick up stitches for the button bands.

But first the sleeves: just round and round and round downwards. I will have to think about how long I want the sleeves to be. And I want a lace detail at the bottom, just like in the cardi that inspired me, this one by Jettshin:.

The third cardigan in progress is Contiguous Blue:

I only had a certain amount of yarn left so I started on the sleeve. I was to knit the sleeves first and then throw everything I had at the body and hope it would knit up long enough.

But then I found an extra ball of yarn!
Seeing that Donegal yarn comes in sweet little balls of 250 grams now I have enough. I could make this a calf length cardi, should I desire so.

I desire it not.


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