Fractal spun Passe-Partout pullover

Once upon a time, in 2011 to be exact, I ordered a custom dye job from Passe-Partout to make a little jumper from. I asked for fibres and colours that would suit me. Talk about a difficult prompt!
This is what she send:

It’s non-superwash BFL. BFL for its long soft fibres, non-SW because I don’t need that chemical treatment of my yarns (except for sockyarn).

The colours are happy and not basic (crayon-colours). The two skeins are not the same but the colours sure are related.

Her idea was to have one single with long colour repeats and one with lots of coloured specks that would liven up the thread.
This was my introduction to fractal spinning.

I spun one roving from begin to end, creating long colour blocks. The other one I tore into thin strips that each barely needed drafting, only a little twist. To preserve more intense colouring.

Combined the two singles looked like this. A ball of yarn knitted up in a front and a back panel:

The resulting jumper blocked:

I knitted this in 2012 and that’s when I learned that 200 grams is not enough for a jumper (what was I thinking? I still found it difficult to spend money on quality for myself back then)
To give it more width I added side seam panels:

It’s another handspun from a roving handdyed by Dutch Wool Diva called Comfort:

It too has multiple colours that work together well. But it’s not fractal spun.

The two yarns work together very well, the jumper really is a favourite!

Unfortunately I knit it back when I thought wearing ease was for crocheters. Because knitting stretches!
Yeah… it does. But wearing something that’s tight all the time is no fun. It’s not too tight. It’s just not comfortable.

This jumper is such a succes in other ways. The spinning, the knitting, the colours, the combination with the other yarn, the way I managed to keep the colours running even though I had to separate for the shoulders. And how I decided to not work in the round so the long colour repeats would end up in thicker stripes. When I found out I had miscalculated gauge and could not fit into the jumper I thought of the DWD wool and invented the side strips.
Yes, a very succesful jumper in every way. Except for the wearing part.

I’ve had the jumper laying around for admiration. Another legitimate use of knitwear!
For the last half year it’s been in my drawer of remembrance. But lately it’s been laying about the place again. Because I’m going to frog it.
And then reknit it. On larger needles. It was knitted on 3,5 mm but this can easily be done on 5 mm. Or on 3,5 mm with my new looser gauge.

(I could just add a wider strip at the sides, I still have a bit of DWD Comfort left. I’ll have a look about that. The tighter gauge at which this soft BFL is knitted does prevent pilling…)

One hour after I wrote this post:


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