TdF finish!

I spun a lot!
Far more than I thought I had, considering I had to lie down for several days in a row and in between spinning sessions. Wow!

The total is 2337 metres out of 780 grams of fibres. That’s a lot of meterage from not a whole lot of fibres.
(There’s 125 m out of 10 grams of silk hankies so that skews the numbers.)

Big contributors are the 5 skeins of natural coloured Shetland: 488 m out of 250 grams total.

The Passe-Partout roving from the last days is 325 m out of 100 grams.

The dark green Nunoco batt yielded 239 m out of the 50 grams.

And it’s light green sister that I combined with my most precious silk and a white fairytale batt: 348 m out of 140 grams total.

The others are smaller skeins. Very suitable to combine with other yarns. For example as a colourful accent in a shawl or as part of mittens.

What a result!
I wanted to spin more green and I have. I also wanted to spin some of my most prized possessions and I did that too. So brave!
I also wanted to spin three fleeces on my Countryspinner (Pip, the Horse for Spinning) but Pip has not left the stable at all. All spinning was done at my regular wheel.
I did prep nearly all of the Bowmont fleece so some fleece was involved this Tour de Fleece.

Now it’s time to knit with these gorgeous handspuns. But first I have to soak the skeins, to make them into proper yarn. Luckily today is soup day, I’ll have a bucket of hot water at the end of today.

I particularly enjoyed spinning the Mulberry Silk. On its own and in the roving of Passe-Partout.

update: ack! I just spend time setting the twist on all the skeins, with the hot water from the soup cooling. Rinsing them in a particular order, keeping in mind residu spinning oil (Shetland), colours that tend to bleed (bluegreens, they didn’t) and the yellows (they did). Don’t put the wet whites on the coloured ones at any point.
Putting them all through the centrifuge. Putting them all on the drying rack, remembering to “twang” the silks to align the fibres.
Dry the centrifuge, the floor and the kitchen. Put on dry socks.
Sit on couch.
See the skeins from frogged Fractal Spun Jumper I mentioned this morning. They needed rinsing too, to get the crinkles out and make them knitting yarns again. Ack! I forgot them!


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