Weird Wool Wednesday: the chocolate prompt

This chocolate custard:

is the reason these skeins for Passe-Partout top did get soaked and are now ready for reknitting:

I learned I cannot multitask when fresh chocolate custard is involved when I missed my mouth completely and covered my favourite shirt in chocolate. Emergency hand wash ensued and then there was warm rinsing water and I just remembered to throw in the skeins before I threw in my shirt. Also some wrist warmers which were in need of a soapy wash:


Knitters, brace yourself, because I also spilled drops of chocolate on Deco Cardi!
Luckily I know it’s not only the enzymes in dish soap that work on chocolate. The enzymes in saliva do too. I sucked on my button band and the stains have gone:

Hmmm, chocolate and wool, my favourite combination.

If I can now find something to work on tomato sauce stains, my life is complete:


Perhaps I should crochet some bibs for me?

— end of post —

Ketonic, low carb and gluten free. Use organic products for extra flavour.

– split 8 eggs and collect the yokes in a large bowl. Discard the egg whites. Add some pepper.
– pour 500 ml of unwhipped whipping cream in a sauce pan. Add some salt. Add some real vanille.
– have 100 grams of chocolate stand by. I use De Lindt chocolate. 85% or a mix of 70% and 99%
– heat the cream, stir touching the bottom.
– when it’s too warm to hold your finger in it, lower the heat. Now slowly pour the cream over the egg yokes while you whip them. Mix egg yokes and cream.
Pour everything back into the saucepan. Don’t reheat yet.
– crumble chocolate into your mixing bowl. If you want you can add mint oil or something else to give it an additional flavour.
– now reheat the cream/yoke mix. Not too high. Stir. A lot. Touch the bottom with your wooden spoon. The goal is to have the egg yoke particles solidify but only in small droplets of protein. It will be a suspension (I think).
At one point the fluid will change slightly in texture, it will become a little bit less fluid. Now it’s custard. You’ve just made vanilla custard. You could take it of the heat and put it in a bowl and leave it too cool. You could pour it over apple tart. You could pour it into a baking tray and make a custard pudding.
Or you can pour it over your crumbled chocolate and make choc custard.
– with a wisp mix the chocolate, let it melt and thoroughly mix it.
– Let cool. While it cools the top will form a seal. Most people don’t like this much. Stir to prevent this. If you use a wisk you can add bubbles as the mixture cools and stiffens, you’d get lofty chocolate pudding.
– eat wearing a bib.


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