Finished: Trees Shawl and: Who I am.

Trees Shawl is finished:

The handspun ridges bulge out nicely. The white ones, which are a tiny bit scratchy, stand away from my sensitive neck skin, just as planned.
The gorgeous grey-green-blue colour is more prominent near my face, working well with my colouring. The lady who did my colour analysis approves.

Dimensions unblocked are 23 x 73 cm.
It weighs 100 grams exactly.

93 m of the white handspun
125 m of that lovely handspun Mountain Queen
273 m of the BC Garn Semilla Fino. It’s a Danish brand.

I ended with a lace border:
1) k, yo, k, k ,ssk, p, k2tog, k, k, yo
2) k all

This is how I’ll mostly wear it, because I get so cold around my head. And, somehow, covered ears make me feel safe and secure. Probably a treat I share with persons on the spectrum.

I can also wear it as a shawl, with a shawl pin.

Oops, should have cropped the picture better. Ends were not woven in.

I so love the grey-green handspun!
I remember fondly spinning that “Mountain Queen” during the winter. It resonated so much with me. The colours, the fibres, the spindle, the ring:

It reminds me of Norway and of the sense of snow in the air. Of fairy castles inside mountains and of skilled handling of natural materials. Of having breathing room and of being alive, larger than the mere urban human who lives by the clock.

Today I have the Summer variant of the same sentiment as a favourite colour board and substance board on my Ravelry profile page:

This is who I am.


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