A smörgåsbord of handspun.

I spend today’s woolen energy on winding skeins into cakes:
Handspun handgesponnen

Here are the five Shetlands. And a commercial yarn, the one that looks like rhubarb.
Handspun handgesponnen

These are the thinner handspuns. Made from the little fibre swaps we did via Ravelry the past year.
I think some will combine great in a textured shawl with various colours.
Handspun handgesponnen

And the three yarns from the last few days:
Handspun handgesponnen

The brightly coloured sockyarn from Kleurvol is finished. A tightly plied 2ply:

It came up to one ball of 50 grams of 173 meters and one ball of 50 grams with 161 meters:

The sock yarn from the roving dyed by Wolop has become a nice round yarn with subtle colouring:

100 grams, 148 m. A little on the thick side but that’s great for socks meant to be worn in clogs.

I spun another roving dyed by Passe-Partout. This one:

Non-superwash BFL, a fibre we’re both fan of.

One half I spun from end to end, creating long colour repeats. The other half was torn into small strips that barely needed drafting. Just like that sugary spicy seashell coloured one I spun in the Tour de Fleece.

100 grams, 235 m of yarn. Very well suited for a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I recently bought the little book in which her garter stitch patterns are gathered. Knit on Knit all (ravelry-link)

Now I can grab whatever yarn I fancy and cast on right away.


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