Spun half of it.

I spun half of one of my favourite rovings, that I’ve been treasuring for years:

BFL handdyed by Passe-Partout.

I unfolded the roving and tore half of it into small strips which I plied onto itself. This gave vibrant colours to a 2ply yarn:

54 grams, 137 meters

It’s lovely yarn. But it doesn’t show the many colour variations that are in the roving. The purple, the white and blue, the splashes of maroon, they’re all missing. This yarn is mainly green and chestnut brown. A great autumn yarn!

I’m going to leave the rest of the roving unspun and combine it with the yarn. I’m probably going to felt it and then embellish it with the handspun yarn.
Perhaps a cushion cover or an iPad cosy. Or wrist warmers or leg warmers. A teapot cosy?

So many possibilities now that I’ll have characteristics of both fabrics: the warmth and colours of felting and the stretchiness of knitting.
Both can be worked into 3D shapes which broadens the possibilities only more.

A hat and matching neck thing? I may need to wait until Autumn is in full swing to know what this is going to be.


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