Progress on Pumpkin Ale Cardigan

This morning I got pinned down so I couldn’t do anything but knit Pumpkin Ale Cardigan:

Once I got the sleeve done I tossed the cat (slowly and gently into the blue catbed on the left, the one with the white cover with squirrels) and took some pictures:

(these pictures I took and uploaded with my phone, I didn’t have a change to crop them. We’ve got tooth brushes.)

The bodice has been blocked but the sleeves have not. I blocked the bodice before I started the sleeves because I grew increasinly worried that gauge would bite me in the behind again and the Wollmeise Twin wouldn’t relax enough to cover my back.

Luckily it did relax. However, with wear this cardi rides up the back. It almost looks like a cropped cardigan. This is the pattern in combination with my different yarn. Not gauge, that’s the same as the pattern. But I did shorten the back a bit, just like I have to do with any sewing pattern. I have a size “petite” meaning my torso is a bit shortish.

The sleeves still look frumpy but they will relax with blocking. The shoulder seam is supposed to be positioned in front of my shoulder. Which would start the lace stripe on the sleeve right at mid-shoulder. I should have tucked a bit more before taking this picture.

A lovely summery cardigan! Great with a skirt that bellows in the wind. (Do skirts bellow? Or is that just dogs? When they waft up, like jellyfish in the ocean. The skirts I mean, not the dogs. Although I guess seadogs can waft pretty nicely too. That’s “sea lions” to English speaking folk.)(Sorry, had chocolate, will ramble.)

The pocket gapes considerably. I won’t be able to make the pocket in the way the pattern describes. But I expected as much so I’ve brought some buttons with me to solve this problem:


3 thoughts on “Progress on Pumpkin Ale Cardigan

  1. It’s beautifull!! Love this pattern, and the color is amazing!! The button choice is hard, they all look nice. Really like the one with the little flower on it. Oh and i forgot to comment on your leaf pounding adventure. Great to see and really inspirational!! Have a nice day!!!

    • thank you! I’ll have to think for a bit though before I proceed (the fit of this pattern is not very good, I must say).

      Your comment pops up on my desktop because I’m just looking at blogs about dyeing with common reed. The yarns you dyed are exactly in the greens I love! LOVE!

      • I actually thought of you when i saw the color on the fiber i was dyeing… this is Anna’s dreamy green 🙂 most hits i got on : dyeing common reed were about actually dying reed for baskets and such 😉 strangly reed doens’t seem to be very known for dyeing…

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